BUNGEE Jumping: And Why It Changed My Life

Guess what! Nobody is going to push you off. I often heard stories from my uncle who was in the army, back in the days.

There would always be one guy clawing and kicking and holding on to whatever was solid in their airplane when it came time for parachute practice. Then some guys would trick him, or simply throw him out of the airplane.

But for bungee jumping, with today’s regulations… NEVER. We were waiting at the bottom of a giant crane. It was higher than all the surrounding buildings AND it was in the center of the city. So it was high.

It was like one of those Youtube videos when, usually some Russians, hang off of really high structures where all they see around them is fog, and they let go with one hand and then swap hands etc. It sends your heart into Palpitationsville.

So I was up there in a little thin metal-frame box with two other men standing behind me. I was already tied to ten different things. The people below me were like ants. It was so high that even cars were like ants.

They hooked me up properly and then told me I’m ready.

Step 1.

Put your feet halfway over the edge. Yes, this is the first step. Not everyone can jump, but everyone can stick their tippy-toes out over the edge.

Step 2.

Ok, you don’t have to jump, but put your hands out in front of you. Now, something like a fifth of your weight is off the platform.

Then Jump!

Everyone yells. You don’t have time to think. You’re falling. Nobody. Touched. You. It’s like that because, for us humans, it’s much easier to do things once we’re already halfway out the door, metaphorically speaking. Once we’ve taken steps to commit to something, it’s much easier to go and do it.

Tony Robbins said:

And I’m paraphrasing: Once I decide to do something, I take a step towards doing it, even if I don’t complete it. That is to set an intention that I am going to do it. Then it’s much easier.

I’m sorry, it was at his seminar. So basically, it’s much easier to continue doing things once you’ve started doing them than it is to start doing things.

So next time you don’t want to go to work, to write, whatever it may be… don’t go to work, don’t write. Simply put on your suit or whatever it is you wear to work. And if you don’t want to write, just take out your laptop and open up a Microsoft Word page.

That’s it. That’s all I got. The experience was fun by the way. I screamed like a little girl.


Tony Robbins, 2015, Success Resources



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