This author has been described by many as a treasure trove of good writing advice

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. .

is one of the most famous fiction authors to have ever lived. A good friend of author C.S. Lewis who wrote “The Chronicles of Narnia” novels, Tolkien blessed the world with fantasy works such as “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

The first rule for success in writing according to Tolkien is to have your name initialized (eg. C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling).

Just kidding. The man truly has a wealth of wisdom to offer which is really nothing to make light of. …

And she’s Jewish.

Adolf Hitler. By Bundesarchiv, Bild 102–10460, Hoffmann, Heinrich, .

Before gaining power as Germany’s Chancellor in 1933, Hitler was just a failed artist and political enthusiast. One only has as much power as people are willing to give them, after all. Hitler and his Nazi Party had failed in the Munich Putsch (an uprising in Munich) during the Weimar Republic. As a result, he had just spent 9 months in prison for treason where he wrote Mein Kampf. …

The famous author of A Game of Thrones has given us plenty of advice on how to succeed in a writing career

George Raymond Richard Martin. By Henry Söderlund — , 75 — Pre-Hugo Portraiture is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (), CC BY 4.0, .

George R. R. Martin has said many times that the best way to write a good book is to kill all of everyone’s favorite characters and then laugh about it. It’s good for the heart.

Kidding. There’s actually a reason why Martin’s fictional characters get killed off so easily and it’s deeper than you might think. This particular author has also been a of good writing advice in general. Without further ado, here are his top 8 rules for success in writing.

1. Practice minimalism

George R. R. Martin is the Warren Buffet of writing. No matter how much money they…

David Berkowitz’s crime spree lasted just 1 year between 1976–1977 and resulted in 16 victims.

David Richard Berkowitz. .

David Berkowitz was born in 1953 in Brooklyn, New York. His mother was Elizabeth “Betty” Broder — a waitress — and his father was named Joseph Klineman. Klineman was married to another woman while seeing Broder and so when she became pregnant by him 3 years into their relationship, he threatened to leave her if she did not put their child up for adoption, which she did.

As such, a few days after his birth, baby David was taken in by Pearl and Nathan Berkowitz who also gave him their last name. They were a Jewish middle-aged couple who could…

Without actually saying it outright.

By Henry Gerbault — Das Album, IV, page 112, Public Domain, .

Look, in an ideal world, we could all just go around to people, tap them on the shoulder and ask them the pretty fair question: “Do you wanna fuck?” Then they would simply answer “yay” or “nay.”

But no… millions of years of evolution have caused us to have complicated courtship rituals. It has also been shown in a study called “” that women tend to be more “coy” and “indirect” when making sexual advances.

And I’m sure at least one woman here has noticed that guys are not always that receptive to their…

Without any viral articles.

Photo by from

About 2 months ago or so, myself and The Maverick Files made a bet on which one of us would be the first to earn $500 in one month on Medium. I believe that our wager consisted of $1,500 and a Persian cat — all of which he now owes me. Muahahahaha.

Kidding aside, I do remember reading a bunch of articles in the past about Medium’s coveted “” and I strived to learn how I, too, could reach the promised land. …

“Breaks into your house and steals your heart.”

Jeremy Ray Meeks. By Stockton, CA Police Department — .

Jeremy Meeks was arrested in June 2014 for illegal possession of a firearm and grand theft. His mugshot was posted on the and quickly gained almost 100k likes and 11k shares. Most other posts on this Facebook page only got a few hundred likes, including a recent tribute to a .

Why was this particular criminal’s mugshot so popular? His looks, of course. Hundreds of thousands of women fawned over his high cheekbones and baby blue eyes.

Thanks to this, the former gangster received a lot of attention from modeling agencies and was able…

I wish to share with myself the science-backed self-improvement tools I wish I had known about earlier.

Photo by on

Stop right there. This is not a personal reflection piece that gives my opinions about things. Whereas opinions can be amusing to read about, you’ve come to the wrong place if that’s what you were looking for.

No. Over the past ten years, I have collected several self-help ‘tools,’ and most I discarded, only keeping very few on my metaphorical life toolbelt.

What am I referring to? The productivity hacks that I don’t usually write about but actually use — the method I stole from a musician which helps me to fall asleep faster, for instance.

Ancient philosophy mixed with modern know-how can help you to live a better life.

Image by from

The self-improvement game has been around for a long time. Ancient Greek and Roman philosophers thought and wrote about how we can become better humans.

However, it wasn’t until the 1900s that people like James Allen, Napoleon Hill, and Dale Carnegie pioneered the modern industry we have today. They wrote the books, “As a Man Thinketh,” “Think and Grow Rich,” and “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” respectively. Combined, these authors sold hundreds of millions of books and what all their philosophies had in common was the idea that all change comes from within.

Nevertheless, fuelled by capitalism…

Sabana Grande

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