And she’s Jewish.

Before gaining power as Germany’s Chancellor in 1933, Hitler was just a failed artist and political enthusiast. One only has as much power as people are willing to give them, after all. Hitler and his Nazi Party had failed in the Munich Putsch (an uprising in Munich) during the Weimar Republic. As a result, he had just spent 9 months in prison for treason where he wrote Mein Kampf. …

This author has been described by many as a treasure trove of good writing advice

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien is one of the most famous fiction authors to have ever lived. A good friend of author C.S. Lewis who wrote “The Chronicles of Narnia” novels, Tolkien blessed the world with fantasy works such as “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

The first rule for success in writing according to Tolkien is to have your name initialized (eg. C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling).

Just kidding. The man truly has a wealth of wisdom to offer which is really nothing to make light of. …

Her previous confessions have come back to haunt her.

The small town of Stutthof was about 21 miles east of the city of Danzig in what used to be — before World War II broke out — the Semi-Autonomous State of Danzig, now a part of modern-day Poland. The Germans soon invaded this marshy woodland and incorporated it into their empire along with a lot more of eastern and western Europe.

And on this boggy land, they built a notorious concentration camp. “Stutthof Labor Education Camp” was the first of its kind to be built by the Third Reich on foreign soil. It was also the last to be…

Chahinez Boutaa just wanted to be free to live her life.

Chahinez was born in Algeria in 1990. She was a smart kid who grew up to be a friendly and caring woman. All those who knew her said that whereas she could be shy upon first meeting people, Chahinez soon won them over with her warm demeanor and brilliant smile.

She got married at the age of 19 to a man who loved her and respected her. Together, they had 2 kids, a boy and then a girl. However, their happiness didn’t last. In 2014, her husband — who was an electrician — died in an accidental fire while at…

His most famous quotes

One of the most important figures of the 20th Century, Sir Winston S. Churchill is revered for his role in saving Europe from the Nazis during World War II. He served in the military in India, fought in the Boer Wars of South Africa, and was in the trenches in France during World War I.

He is known for being strong-willed, inspirational, and clever. He is also known for being stubborn, an alcoholic, and a racist. Nobody is perfect. But this isn’t an article about his best or worst moments. It is about his funniest moments. …

Did she do it for the benefit of her kids? No.

Sharee Paulette Kitley was born in Flint, Michigan on October 13, 1971. She grew up poor. Her mother raised her alone and they were always just one step away from being evicted from the trailer in which they lived. At the age of 16, the young girl decided to set out on her own. She began living with a boyfriend and trying to build a better life for herself.

By the time she was 26, Sharee had 3 kids from 3 different boyfriends and was still close to being homeless since none of them took care of her. Just when…

It took almost two decades for Laura Salmon’s killer to be brought to justice

This story involves sloppy police work.

On May 31, 1984, the body of 18-year-old Laura Lee Salmon was found in a field near Twin Oak Drive in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. She was naked except for two pairs of jeans and a dark jacket which were draped over her body. In her left hand, she clutched her panties. The corpse was discovered by a farmer who was driving his tractor nearby.

The area where she was found was known locally as a lovers’ lane. It was here that high school students and undergraduates from Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) hung out, drank…

Hells Angels caused biker gangs in Canada to “internationalize” which led to slaughter.

Becoming a member of Hells Angels is actually quite difficult. This biker gang was founded in California with sources differing on who actually started it. But it is well known that they get their name from a World War II jet fighter squadron that used to fight in the skies above China. The club was likely started by veterans.

Anyway, in order to become a Hells Angel, you have to go through a four-stage process. First, you become a “hang-around.” This means that you can attend some Hells Angels events and go to their clubhouses only when invited. The next…

Abraham Shakespeare’s body was found under a slab of concrete three years after winning the lottery

Abraham Lee Shakespeare was born on April 24, 1966, in Lakeland Florida to Elizabeth Walker and James Shakespeare. His family was very poor and struggled to make ends meet. Young Shakespeare himself also found it hard to keep up in school due to a learning disability.

He dropped out after seventh grade while still illiterate and then went to work on some citrus groves with his father. However, he was sent to a juvenile detention center for the next 5 years after being caught stealing from his employers. …

James Randall’s pet pug had an unusual addiction which helped to convict him.

What differentiated James Randall from a lot of other serial killers was that he left none of his DNA behind at any of the crime scenes — which is no easy feat. In that respect, he could be compared to the fictional serial killer Dexter but Randall did not target bad people. He targetted young white women who had never harmed anyone.

During the 1990s, Florida policemen began finding the bodies of naked women around Tampa Bay and — suspecting that one person was behind all the attacks — knew it was their duty to find the culprit as soon…

Sabana Grande

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